Six ways the EU improved your digital life in 2018

The EU has made online shopping a lot easier ©AP Images/European Union-EP

From ending country redirects to funding free wifi in public spaces, discover what the European Parliament has done in 2018 to improve your online experience.

Travel, shop, watch and call throughout the EU with no barriers and no additional costs. This is what the EU’s digital single market is all about and what Parliament is fighting for.

No more automatic country redirects when shopping online

As of 3 December 2018, consumers do not have to put up with geo-blocking anymore. In February 2018, MEPs adopted a regulation to end geo-blocking, obliging retailers to give people access to goods and services on the same terms all over the EU, regardless of where they are connecting from.

Online shoppers no longer have to face such forms of discrimination while country redirects to the local version of the website are banned. Goods and services benefiting from the new rules include household appliances, electronics, clothes, hotel stays, rentals and event tickets.

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