Perosa Argentina – Report


The 1st event of VotEU Project took place in Perosa Argentina, a village that lies among the piedmontese mountains near the city of Turin, Italy.

The event was structured in two days: Friday the 8th was dedicated to the student meeting, while during the whole day of Saturday the 9th took place a conference, a workshop, a community meeting and an open debate with citizen and students.

Many actors were involved in the realization of the event. First of all, the Union of the Local Municipalities partnered with us to realize the event as a whole, together with different local association like “Pro Loco” (association for the promotion of the territory) and CREA (youth association). Two Educational Institution, “Gouthier” and “Marro”, helped us to realize the students meeting and for the media coverage we collaborate with a number of journalists and newspapers like “Le Valli”, “L’Eco del Chisone”, “Come e Dove”,  “La Stampa”, “Riforma” and “Radio Beckwith”.


Our expert held a lecture for the youngsters of the Middle Schools of  “Gouthier” and “Marro” Educational Institutions. In total, the meeting involved almost 150 students.

The topic was “What does the EU does for me?”, and we asked the students to interact with us giving their opinions on the European Union and its utility for their lives. After a brief introduction about Europe and the EU, we involved the student in a debate by asking them to answer a series of questions ranging from matching the Euro coins with the right Country of issue, to environmental protection, music, video games and travel.

The main goal was to make the students understand how the EU activities positively impact on a broad range of our daily action. In general, they positively interact with us and they demonstrate to be particularly interested in the protection of the environment and in the many chance to travel through Europe with projects like the Erasmus +.


Day 2 of VotEU Project in Perosa Argentina took place in the beautiful venue of Villa Willy, a manor house inside the local park “Tron”. During the day it was possible to stop by at VotEU stand and have something to eat at the street food stand provided by the Pro Loco association.

The morning conference saw the participation of local administration representatives, and started with the greetings of the President of the Union of the Local Municipalities Laura Zoggia and Piedmont Region councilor Elvio Rostagno.

Fabio Roccuzzo, Director or Focus Europe, made an introduction on VotEU Project and the forthcoming election. Right after, Marco Bussone, national President of UNCEM, made an intervention on the important connection between local community and EU.

After a coffee break Emanuel Garavello (Event Manager, VotEU) introduced the workshop talking about the European Parliament, the electoral system and the achievement of the ongoing parliamentary term, leaving then the floor to Miriam Mourglia (Association CREA) that introduced 5 macro-scenarios for the future of EU: carrying on, concentrate on the single market, only those who wants can do more together, doing less more efficiently, doing much more together.

It was then asked to the public which was, according to their opinion, the best scenario. The majority of the respondent (73%) agreed that the best scenario was the 5th: doing much more together.

The afternoon session was dedicated to youngsters and citizens in general. Among a public of 40 people, half of them were aged between 20 and 35 years old. The meeting started with an introduction by Fabio Roccuzzo who explained the importance of voting at the European elections. Then, in order to stimulate the debate, we asked the audience to answer ten questions on the perception that citizens have of the EU, the relationship between the Italian Government and European Institution and the main priority to be addressed by the next Parliament. The result of the debate will be shown in a dedicated report. 

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