Fighting climate change


The EU is investing € 2.7 billion in sustainable and digitized public transport projects, such as electric trams and researching alternative fuels. In fact, EU is particularly keen on trying to cut the carbon emission by investing in research.

Each year, as much as 20% of the entire EU budget – around € 180 billion – is use in climate-related project. From creating more reliable emission tests for new cars, to ensuring that all new buildings produce as much energy as they consume by 2020.

One of the priority is to move from diesel and petrol cars to electric cars. In 2011 the European Commission officially launched the Green eMotion Initiative, which involve industries, manufacturers, universities, Municipalities and research centers. They have joined forces to explore the basic conditions to be fulfilled for Europe-wide electromobility.

But we can give a big contribution to the cause by making small changes to our lifestyle, from using less water and electricity during our daily lives to take the public transport.

The EU aims to make communities more resilient to the consequences of climate change, by restoring wetland and green areas to act as a natural barrier against sea level rise and developing green spaces in the cities to combat air pollution and heat waves. Improve water conservation is important too: why not install a treatment tank so I can reuse water from my sink and shower to flush my toilet?

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